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Top 5 advantages of using a machine coolant recycling system that utilizes an advanced membrane technology

It is important to pick a smart solution properly matched for filtering challenging industrial fluids. The machine coolant and other metal working fluids can be recycled in order to get the most out of the process. The downtime that is a result of frequent coolant or cleaner replacement can be minimized. At the same time, the process quality can be optimized. That is why it is always better to select a machine coolant recycling system that makes use of an advanced membrane technology.
  advanced membrane technology

Some highlights of the machine coolant recycling system are:
  1. It resists oil fouling and provides stable output over the life of the membrane.
  2. The solvent resistant membrane is compatible with most hydrocarbons, free oils, acids, and an expansive class of polar organic solvents. Additionally, they can operate at temperatures up to 170 degrees F.
  3. You can enjoy significant operational cost savings as the expended coolant usage can be reduced to up to 95%.
  4. Such a system reduces wastewater volume by 95% and keeps waste hauling charges down.
  5. The automated operation reduces maintenance issues and saves a lot of time and energy by automatically monitoring system performance. Also, the self-contained design further makes it compact and simplifies the process setup.
  6. Portable systems are available. These units are extremely convenient to switch locations within the plant during reconditioning of multiple batches or tanks.
machine coolant recycling