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Instrumentation & Control Support

FSI provides complete instrumentation and control support for any brand filtration systems. Serving the industry since 2000, we have experience in designing, building, start-up and servicing hundreds of filtration systems from simple on-off systems to modern sophisticated SCADA systems.

The services we provide include:
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Calibration
  • Start-up
  • Mechanical/Electrical troubleshooting
  • Training
Typical components that we serve include, HMI, PLC, PAC, RTU, transmitters, sensor/meters, totalizers (mechanical, electronic, electromechanical), level switch, pump, compressor, alarm setting, etc. We follow the factory recommended setup procedures for every device on the system. All of our service visits include a complete set of documentation as follow-up, which can include:
  • Written description of methodology
  • Electrical or mechanical drawings of any changes or modifications
  • Copies of changes to any SCADA, PLC or PAC software programs
  • Documentation of applicable settings and set points before and after calibration
  • Follow up items/recommendations