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CPS Inlet Devices

How Inlet Devices Work: 

An inlet device draws in oily coolant from the surface of the sump while avoiding the intake of air, which interferes with splitting of oil from the coolant in the separator tank. If the CPS is to be rotated among several machines in sequence, it is most convenient to mount an inlet device in each sump, rather than moving one inlet device from sump to sump. Four types of inlet devices are offered:

#555-07 Floating lnlet Device (12"L x 7"W)

The most frequently used inlet device, the #555-07 automatically compensates for any change in the level of coolant in the sump.

CPS inlet device #555-07

#555-17 Floating lnlet Device (7"L x 7"W)

Recently introduced, the #555-17 is used in applications similar to the #555-07. The #555-17 offers a more compact footprint and is able to tolerate a higher concentration of floating solids (for example, when machining aluminum).

CPS inlet device #555-17

#555-05 Compact Floating lnlet Device (12"L x 2"W)

The #555-05, which also compensates for changes in the level of coolant in the sump, is used when only a narrow access space is available (for example, next to a conveyor).

CPS inlet device #555-05

#555-06 Fixed lnlet Device (2-1/2" Diameter)

The #555-06, which requires only a 3" diameter hole in the sump cover, is used when limited access to the sump is available. The #555-06 is clamped to the side of the sump with a holder that easily permits sliding the outlet tubing manually to compensate for changes in the level of the coolant.

CPS inlet device #555-06