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More Efficient, Better Quality, More Cost-Effective Membrane Filtration Solutions

Filtration system optimization is no longer a trade-off between cost and performance. Market competitiveness has increased the utilization of low-pressure membranes for water and wastewater applications. Advancements in technology over the past two decades has opened more opportunities for UF and MF solutions where the recycling of the processed fluid is no longer a dominant measurement of the value proposition. Aside from reducing costs, technology improvements have increased production, reduced risk and minimized manpower requirements to allow clients to focus on their core business.

Membrane costs are now half the price without counting inflation over the past twenty years. For performance, there are more choices in membrane materials providing improved flux rate, separation efficiency, and chemical and physical robustness. Consider that ceramic membrane filters were once the only effective choice for high temperature and high pH, hot bath cleaner recycling. Today, a variety of alternative membranes with flux rates much higher at a much lower cost are available.

Filtration solutions could and should be specific to needs. Innovation has led to the invention and commercial development of several breakthrough filtration technologies in critical areas such as fouling resistance, filtrate quality enhancement and process cost reductions. Engineered filters and filtration systems are utilized in fuel filtration and separation, oily-water separation, and solvent, alkaline cleaner and wastewater treatment and recycling.