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Don't Waste Another Gallon


Filtration Solutions, a leader in membrane separation technology, has developed a line of filtration systems for recycling alkaline and detergent cleaners.  These systems remove both oils and dirt from alkaline and detergent cleaning fluids, thereby improving cleaning effectiveness, reducing the volume of waste to be hauled and lowering the amount of new cleaner to be purchased.

No other separation system can compare with the FSI WRS non-fouling operation, high throughput and superior oil and dirt removal.  At the heart of these systems are FSI’s Super-Hydrophilic PAN membranes which are reusable and not permanently fouled by emulsified or “free” oils, even at concentrations of 10 to 30% or more.  Super-Hydrophilic PAN membranes are also resistant to most solvents as well as strong acids and alkaline cleaning solutions, allowing them to be used on a wide variety of cleanup and recycling applications within the plant environment including: alkaline cleaner recycling; mop water recycling and disposal; pressure washer recycling; and volume reduction of oily waste water streams.  In addition, all WRS Systems can operate at temperatures up to 170°F giving you the ability to connect these systems “on-line” for continuous removal of oil and other contaminants that degrade cleaner effectiveness.  In recycling applications, the water and detergent cleaner pass through the membrane while the oils and dirt are concentrated for cost effective disposal.  When concentrating general oily waste streams, WRS systems are capable of removing 90 to 98% of the water for convenient, cost effective sewer disposal.
All WRS systems can be configured for desired levels of unattended operation and consistent performance.  And the price, when measured against increased process quality, reduction in rework, chemical savings, waste hauling services and/or in-plant treatment, yields a payback measured in weeks instead of years!
We’re obviously excited about these cost-saving, easy-to-use systems, and believe they are worthy of your careful consideration.  Give us a call at (908) 684-4000 or contact by e-mail through our web site.  In turn, we will be happy to send you additional details on these effective systems or arrange for a demonstration of the technology in your facility.

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