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Tramp Oil Removal

A well-managed machine shop will always keep its machine coolant clean. Because this will not only extend its tool life, improve parts finish, eliminate smoke and odor, but also greatly reduce coolant purchase and disposal costs. The key step is to remove the solids and tramp oil in the coolant. This can be done with FSI’s Coolant Process Systems (CPS). FSI provides CPS for single sumps as well as portable systems for multiple sumps. For highly emulsified oil, see FSI’s Coolant Recycling System (CRS).

Each CPS features:

Superior tramp oil separation
- The proprietary permanent oil separating (coalescing) element provides extraordinary surface area in a small package, providing excellent oil splitting in a compact design.

Rugged construction
- By using only 1/2" air-driven pumps, numerous operating and reliability problems associated with electrical pumps or smaller air diaphragm pumps are eliminated.

Ease of setup and operation
– Each shipped unit is ready for setup in a minimum time. All required hoses and fittings are provided. Only a 1/4" compressed air line is required to run the unit. Minimal operator attention is needed. Thousands of these systems are in service.

- Even including the 1/2" air pump, the unique compact design is typically 30% to 50% less costly than other comparatively equipped systems.