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About FSI

We are about understanding your problems at work that can keep you awake at night. We accept challenges and deliver solutions. We believe in commitment and being accountable.  Our success is defined by your satisfaction.

If you operate a Small - Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) or Large Business Corporation, whether a job-shop, fabrication facility or a complex manufacturing operation, you want to provide the best value to your customers in a responsible manner.  

We can help you add value by minimizing generated waste-streams; from managing oily wastewater to reusing materials otherwise discarded as waste.  Whether your goals are regulatory compliance, improving economic outcomes by minimizing environmental impact as part of your Environmental Management System (EMS) or achieving certification as a sustainable full-resource productivity enterprise (ISO 14001:2004), FSI can provide a filtration solution that fits your needs.

At FSI, we want to work with you to provide the best solution for your application.  We offer quality engineered filters and filtration systems in the following areas: process fluid and wastewater treatment, machining fluids (coolant) recycling, fuel and oil filtration, and water purification.  Our filters and filtration systems feature proven state-of-the-art membrane separation technology.

To ensure the best solution for our customers, FSI offers in-house sample testing, “demo” or “pilot” units for product selection and system customization.  We have the engineering and integration expertise you can count on to implement the right solution.  And, we back our solutions and your organization with the highest level of support.

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Established in 2000, Filtration Solutions, Inc. (FSI) is a technology oriented company specializing in microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) as well as membrane system design.  Our mission is to work with our clients to achieve their wastewater management goals by providing them sustainable filtration and separation solutions.  Our research has been focused on practical and affordable solutions.  FSI has 6 patents in filtration related areas and published more than 15 technical papers, making numerous presentations to professional and business conferences.  Realizing that a single technology does not solve the needs of all applications, FSI developed integrated systems employing various filtration technologies, for example, ozone oxidation, and centrifuge.  With experience in all effective separation methods, FSI can offer clients the technology best suited for their applications, without bias.  

FSI is an authorized representative for GE Osmonics Reverse Osmosis Equipment